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The Top Tips for Las Vegas Comps
It's a lot of fun to play in a casino. But getting things for free is even better! Most casinos offer some kind of loyalty program to recruit players and reward regular customers for their loyalty. The Las Vegas Strip offers some of the best deals in the world due to the high level of competition.
In general, you can expect a casino in Las Vegas to reimburse you for between 10 and 15 percent of expected loss in the form of comps - provided that you are a member of its player club and make a reasonable effort. To set your comps, casinos use a tracking system . This is controlled by software that tracks your average wager and time and converts these values into a dollar amount that you get back in the form of casino comps (food bons, show tickets, etc.).
To make sure you make the most of your next stay in Las Vegas, we have put together a top ten list for you. It is designed to help you get the most out of casinos.
1. Log in to the player club
If you are not yet a member of your favorite casino's player club, be sure to sign up.
For some reason, players have an aversion to playing with players' cards. This is mainly due to the myth that casinos are supposed to "switch slots" when using one, as they can watch the game and prevent them from winning. This is absolute nonsense. The cards are used to track your expenses and qualify you for bonus promotions.
2. Look for the best deals
Las Vegas casinos usually have a number of special offers for the best slots. It is worth researching online a little before the visit and to find out who offers what. Some casinos offer between $ 10 and $ 25 in cash when you apply for a loyalty card. Such initial incentives are often coupled with other bonuses such as casino items or rooms, depending on how much you play there.
3. Register for mailing promotions
Yes, we all hate spam. But when it comes to Las Vegas casinos, mailing campaigns are not just useless information. So allow the casinos to contact you by mail or e-mail, as these promotions often include special offers, room specials, free spins, and raffles distributed throughout the year. Casino players clubs are designed to encourage players to loyalty. You'll find it pays to find your favorite casino and stay loyal to it. When you accept the promotional emails, you will always benefit.
4. Take advantage of all special offers

In addition to the promotions, casinos host regular tournaments and other events, often with match games, free drinks, or buffet access for specific player levels. If you want to get the most out of your stay, then it's worth discovering what options are available to you.


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